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How can EPLAN change the way you look at collaboration?
When thinking about teamwork and collaboration within an organization, is a PDM the only way to succeed?

Let's take the time to look at an alternative allowing you to work with your team and with other departments within your organization or even share with your customers. It's an alternative you already have access to, within the tools you already use every day for your design and engineering projects. You can already share a viewing version through User rights management of eVIEW and even allow them to redline your projects.


That alternative is EPLAN Elements Collaboration.

It provides the right set of features to enhance your collaborative capabilities, through modules including:

- Revision Management
- Project Management
- Change of Standard
- Multi Language Translation

EPLAN Elements Collaboration is included with EPLAN Pro Panel  and EPLAN Electric P8 Professional. It can also be added to your solution if you are using EPLAN Electric P8 Select.

Why Use EPLAN Elements Collaboration?

Elements Collaboration represents a new alternative to conventional Project Data Management softwares. It is is a low cost and effective alternative to your dedicated PDM. Here's why:

EPLAN is built from the ground up with features you value in a Project Data Management software. As such, it is faster and can be better integrated to your workflow.  This means that you can potentially save on the cost of an additional software without sacrificing productivity.

Here are some questions to help you find out how the features already included in EPLAN can adequately serve your needs.

Out of the box features for EPLAN often replicate the features you look for in a PDM.

In addition, the EPLAN implementation of these features can sometimes be more more adequate for the way your business is set up because of the native integration with your design software.

  • In EPLAN, the Bill of Materials gets updated automatically as you complete your project.  
  • Users can generate new revisions of your project. Administrators hold the rights to audit, manage and approve changes for each the revisions.
  • A project exists in  a single location and can be accessed from anywhere using any device, including cellphones and tablets.
  • and more...

As we more towards more collaboaration between colleagues and departments, the possibility to have many users work simultaneously on a project becomes crucial.

EPLAN allows for multi-user access and real-time update of a project. There is no longer a need to fear conflicts with the check-in/check-out system of your PDM.

In EPLAN, you can translate an entire project or just selected project data. You can also translate project-independent data such as parts data in EPLAN.

This is particularly useful for companies that operate or has customers in different countries. Imagine a single project available in both English and in French, allowing for team members from anywhere in Canada to contribute in a project that appears in their own first language. 

With EPLAN Multi Language Translation, this scenario  is a realitity that can enhance collaboration in your work environment.

Project revision is intended to identify changes to a project as compared with a specific project status. You can mark the changes in the revision project using Change tracking or use the property comparison of projects to compare the current project with a reference project.

EPLAN Revision Management tools gives you complete control over change tracking as well as the display and hiding of your projects revision. You can decide to lock and  protect your document's versions. These features allow you to keep control over your project even when you have a large number of users working on it at the same time.

EPLAN Platform & Elements Modules

You're almost there!

The EPLAN Plaform offers several modules to help answer your professional needs and increase your efficiency. 

Reach out to your EPLAN representative to learn more about the subscription to EPLAN Platform and the different modules part of the EPLAN Elements Collaboration


EPLAN Platform


The EPLAN Platform offers a modern technical foundation with a completely new user experience.

As part of this we’re also increasing the integration with our EPLAN Cloud. 

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